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This energetic branding video is an opener for conferences and marketing media. Bright imagery layered with quick details create memorable interest and is suitable for multiple use: annual conference, industry meetings, website intros and marketing presentations.



Congratulating and thanking UATP, this video features the executives of Delta and Lufthansa with well wishes and a nostalgic history of creating airline loyalty.  Planned for multi-use, the video was web-streamed in advance to create excitement and increase registration and then premiered on the giant screen at the Anniversary meeting!


Created to illicit a desire to act, this video presents hard facts and figures regarding the demise of our nation’s infrastructure.  Sharp images and sweeping frames, combined with harsh statistics capture attention and elevate emotion.

Branding Opener
Happy Anniversary
Government Affairs

Quell the inevitable negative rumblings when, for instance, you choose Houston as your meeting location – in AUGUST??  This video quickly disarms members and gives them a reason to laugh and talk about the video and thus creates a buzz for the Annual Meeting.  Just another way our creativity will ensure all signs point “forever in your favor”.


Industry Branding

Designed to bring awareness to the critical value of SIA’s constituents, this video highlights the impact of its members on the US security, economy and jobs. What is the power of your Association?  With AVID you ensure your audience gets the message.



“Can you tell me what a Travel Manager does?” is posed in this farce.  Copy is written and tailored to your organization and we can even arrange for celebrities to appear in “cameos”.  This is a great way to leverage your already booked speakers and talent in multiple ways.  Another great teaser show stopper for your meeting.


Want to see a specific example?  Just ask us.  We got it!

If variety is the "Spice of Life" then our video production experience is a "grab a pitcher of beer Ghost Pepper on the Scoville Scale WARNING SIGN:  SPICY!!"  This reel depicts our range in project type and inventiveness.  Imagination and original ideas are a cornerstone to our mutual success.


Broadcast Reel 1

The Jacksonville Electric Authority engaged our creative team to develop this simple and effective message of individual responsibility for the sustainability of planet earth.  Personal comments from residents create a "group think" reaction and everyone wants to be part of the trend that JEA is leading in the community.  


Commercial Utility

What does it mean to be "Red Dirt Ready"?  This 15 second video packs a punch with clear verbiage, sharp imagery and the unforgettable voice of Morgan Freeman.  See it once and the viewer can recite the message on cue.  This is advertising at its best.

Commercial Gov't

Technical differences required by different mediums may be small nuances to the naked eye, but the impact on quality can make or break your investment without the most advanced technical expertise on your team. When the pinnacle of video quality is required in today's high tech broadcast environment, AVID's production team sets the bar for it's competition.


Commercial Retail
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